Calligraphy means writing in a beautiful manner, a kind of writing that looks impressive and fascinating. Have you ever been thinking about to improvise your writing style and looking out for the well-trained professional to teach you the art in the English language, that you can join this calligraphy classes in thane west and get your writing skills better. We make this course a fun and easy learning experience with lots of interactive activities. This course will not only improve your child’s handwriting but also their vocabulary as well as their ability to read, write & speak. We’re all motivated by different reasons for wanting to get better at handwriting.

Many of us have become so accustomed to typing, that our handwriting has become nearly indiscernible. This handwriting classes in thane west is been created keeping in mind how important good handwriting is since our handwriting eventually describes our personality. It does not only helps to improve handwriting but also speeds up the writing technique. Right from creating basic lines and patterns to writing essays, we take care of everything in this course. However, when writing out notes by hand, you engage your brain, which has a positive impact on your ability to remember the material. Not only does this improve your memory, but it also nourishes your grasping power.

Calligraphy adds creative flair to handwritten projects. In our handwriting classes in thane west It begins from how you hold the pen, in which direction you bend the pen and with how much fluency you write out the things. From making a handmade greeting card to implementing big-time calligraphy tattoos, projects, etc. your calligraphy skills do matter. Over the past few years, we have taught several beginners until intermediate.

We truly believe that you can build a solid calligraphy foundation in two months. This has been proven to be very effective & is beneficial for kids of all ages; from STD. 1 -10. So get ready for a short term handwriting improvement course, get enroll in our calligraphy classes in thane west now.

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About us
  • Our class, Sangeeta Academy, was started with a dream of the shared passion of our family and staff towards music, creative arts, brain enhancing techniques and academics.

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