Chess Classes

Sangeeta academy provides training to young talent into a future champion. You can bring into more power, excellence and intelligence by learning accurate strategy of chess. Our trainer’s skills make us proud chess classes in thane west.

Our coaches explain to children the benefits of observing carefully and concentrating. If they do not observe what is occurring, they can’t respond to it appropriately. at our classes, we teach them to think first then act. Which is beneficial in real life also; because it encourages them to be thoughtful and patient. skills or method we teach here make them learn how to keep always different find ideas for the situation. they develop a sense of long-range aims and convey progress to accomplish it. They are also trained for evaluating the plan. hence we are one of the best chess classes in thane west.

Other than chess we provide classes for Vedic maths and our experts deliver them skill as Vedic maths grow with fast and easy calculation tricks whereas other students depend on calculators.

With the help of these tricks of Vedic maths, you will solve the mathematics problem in minutes. People from the last century did not have an automated machine to calculate numbers. So they were a mechanism called Abacus. It’s basically a counting frame uses beads that slide along series of tiny rods.

Invest your time in learning these skills from accent time used by the world by enrolling with most high grade chess classes in thane west Sangeeta academy. learning this type of activities keep your mind engage in creativity, and planning. Prepare your young kid to chase situations with planning and execution skills and hand them the key of success. We aim to teach every kid brilliant techniques to win in what they desire from heart.

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About us
  • Our class, Sangeeta Academy, was started with a dream of the shared passion of our family and staff towards music, creative arts, brain enhancing techniques and academics.

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