Drawing Classes In Thane WestHomeDrawing Classes in Thane West. Whenever you look at any Drawing, Painting, Sketching or Artwork, first thought come into your mind is ‘wow, it’s gorgeous! can I draw it?’ so the solution is here drawing classes in thane west our very own Sangeeta academy.

It doesn’t matter if you are very new to art or practising since years we have classes as per your current abilities. we provide training to school students so they can complete their tasks with more creativity and best finishing skills. This training also encourages them to find an enclosure for their hobby and improve drawing, painting skills. Also, it helps to get relax from the hectic schedule. These qualities we teach them to be expert at our drawing classes in thane west.

Painting is a beautiful art where you express your perspective toward the world. Painting is the best art to keep your aspect in front of other people. There are several types of painting like a watercolour painting, oil painting, acrylic painting. Our expert teaches every style of painting. Apart from this people love to sketching and drawing, we have classes for them sketching, pastel drawing as well as pen & ink drawing. Students of Sangeeta academy show everywhere that they had practice with best painting classes in thane west.

Gradually people begin to imagine shapes, colours, lines in a creative way after diving in the sea of art. Painting is the platform to draft your imagination in reality with the help of tools. Our academy teaches you to handle those tools with skill and right techniques. To portray every corner of your mind and thoughts on canvas with the guidance of Sangeeta academy’s teacher. So explore your emotions, point of view for the world in an artistic way by practising it at excellent painting classes in thane west.

To develop drawing, painting, sketching, visual expression, symmetry, colour, texture and rhythm of imagination and creation join the Sangeeta Academy and start drawing your path moving toward the creative and artistic world.

There is no need to arrange much time for this we have short term classes for a busy selfs.

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About us
  • Our class, Sangeeta Academy, was started with a dream of the shared passion of our family and staff towards music, creative arts, brain enhancing techniques and academics.

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