“Without music, life would be a mistake”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Why should you spend your valuable time learning how to play the guitar or the piano? For one thing, it looks really really cool. You can be the life of the party with a few tunes under your belt, and be popular in your circles. You would never be bored by yourself when you have access to an instrument. One often spends hours playing chords and in the process, discover new things about themselves. You would have a lot of free time at home, why not use it to learn a skill you would cherish for life?


Be the life of the party!

Music has a unique influence on our emotions. Not only does learning a musical instrument help and feed the brain, but it also strengthens the neurological and physical facets of the human body. It can make us excited or unhappy, or even amplify the present emotion we are experiencing. Research has found that learning to play an instrument brings relaxation and the daily repetition would help keep you stress-free.

The more you succeed in your musical studies, the more experience and appreciation you have of your musical instrument, the more confident you would become of your abilities. Learning a musical instrument gives you an incredible sense of pride, in addition to improving your confidence. You should fill your life with hobbies that make you happy, giving you a break from the monotonous routine of day-to-day life.


Where to start? 

It can be a difficult task to choose an instrument. The more popular choices are guitar(acoustic and electric), violin, piano, tabla, and the ukulele. One should visit music stores and research about different families of instruments to see what fits best. You can talk to expert mentors at Sangeeta Academy to learn the unique aspects that each instrument offers. Once you've picked something, you're ready to go! 


Practice daily with a set routine

Eventually, your practice sessions become a part of your routine and it no longer feels like a tedious task. For each practice session, set a target that you will accomplish. This would be, for instance, to perfectly master a song's first 4 bars. Alternatively, cut the main goal into small pieces so that every step feels like an improvement. Divide into pieces a song you would like to play. Learn each one and then link all of them together, to play the full piece! .

Your practicing will sound terrible at first 

Everyone wants to sound amazing from the moment they pick up a new instrument but don't get too excited. Practise is hard. It takes a lot of effort and dedication. Most of the time, especially at the beginning, it sounds bad. You might have a tough time learning the ropes by yourself, so it’s best to have a friend who’s learning it with you.  


Don’t worry, you’ll get better!

Practice, practice, and practice! 

It takes discipline to learn to play an instrument. On days when you don't feel like practicing, watch a video of your favorite artist playing your instrument or start your session with an enjoyable song you love. Learning by trial and error is the best way to imbibe yourself with new knowledge.   


Could this be you?

It will take a long time to master an instrument!

You should start off with the basics, and then build one step at a time. Learning any skill is an endeavor that rewards hard work more than skill. You must give yourself enough time to sit with the instrument and feel the music flow through your hands. But for a beginner, perfection is a goal that can be achieved by the combination of 2 things -

  1. Dedicated and consistent efforts
  2. The guidance of an expert mentor

There are several online resources using which one can learn almost every skill there is. But when it comes to musical instruments, finding the right course is very time-consuming. Many times, these resources lack advice for beginners, basic outlines, and solid techniques for progression.   

Learning a musical instrument by yourself is not an easy task. You need a group to practice with, a mentor's expert tips, and motivation to complete your goal. Look no further than Sangeeta Academy, where we offer you complete training in Piano, Guitar, and vocals as well. Our teaching methodology is a blend of classical Indian techniques along with modern contemporary music.

Visit https://www.sangeetaacademy.com to learn more! 

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