Musical Instrument

In thane a group of children are playing guitar at Sangeeta Academy
In thane a girl is playing a keyboard at Sangeeta Academy
In thane a group of boy are playing a tabla at Sangeeta Academy
In thane a group of children are playing Harmonium at Sangeeta Academy
In thane a man is playing Violin at Sangeeta Academy
In thane a Girl is playing Flute at Sangeeta Academy
Drum and Octapad


In thane a group of ladies are singing a Classical song at Sangeeta Academy
Classical Singing
In thane a Group of ladies are singing a sugam sangeet at Sangeeta Academy
Sugam Sangeet
In thane a group of children is are singing kids sa re ga ma at Sangeeta Academy
Kids Sa re ga ma
In thane a Group of man are singing Karaoke at Sangeeta Academy

Sangeeta academy is Best music classes in thane west; expanding world of music. we mould new talent at our academy. we are introducing a practice of music and dance smooth, affordable and convenient to them all who wish to learn the art.We believe music in itself is rejuvenating. It’s an excitable expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. It’s a dream of every music lover to play at least one musical instrument. typically musical instrument is a device created or crafted to make musical sounds but here at Sangeeta Academy, we believe that these instruments are created to touch the human soul and heal it.

By the time various instrument designed in history but it roughly classified into five standards percussion, woodwind, brass, keyboard and string. String devices are one of the famous types of instrument. We make learn our students way of playing all cherished musical instrument. At Sangeeta academy our experts teaching instrument since 2014; hence we are reputable music classes in thane west. we offer practice from foundation to advance so that our student develop themself. The guitar is a popular string instrument with six strings. it is typically performed by using both the hands.

A musical keyboard is the set of contiguous depressible levers or keys. Playing the keyboard is a considerably difficult task. Parents looking up for keyboard classes in thane west for their kids. so their kids will professionally learn instruments. our excellent teachers teach to play the tabla; which belongs to the Indian classical music culture. Tabla is the most important instrument from a family of percussion musical instrument. it is one of the most important instruments for vocalist and classical dancers from old Indian Gharana’s; Tabla majorly uses to accompany them. Sangeeta Academy spreading this aura of music with several expert teachers and also known as top-notch tabla classes in thane west our team will teach your kids every aspect of music to become a professional music artist or musician. Our student always remembers us for teaching the best. Our student learning and enjoying their lessons. We just little push your dedication for music and help you to attain your correct tune. we are leading guitar classes in thane west.Take the hand of Sangeeta academy to move forward on the path of your dream. Let succeed together in this musical journey. We aim to accomplish every kid’s dream into a passion. We also provide crash courses for musical instruments..

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About us
  • Our class, Sangeeta Academy, was started with a dream of the shared passion of our family and staff towards music, creative arts, brain enhancing techniques and academics.

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